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 Applying To DoA/AF

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Applying To DoA/AF Empty
PostSubject: Applying To DoA/AF   Applying To DoA/AF EmptyWed Dec 30, 2009 6:26 pm

DoA and its wings are currently accepting applications for EXCEPTIONAL members. Strategists, tacticians, and aggressive team players are encouraged to join. Only extraordinary applicants will be accepted. You must be very active, located in the SE quad, have a good pop. and a GREAT troop count. Being recommended by a current member is also good for being accepted. Please do NOT apply if you don't meet these requirements.

A Standard Application:

Player Name:



City names and locations:

Are you being attacked if so who?:

Who are you attacking/farming?:

What is you current/past alliance?:

Troop-Pop ratio (do NOT put your troop count or breakdown):

What type of player are you(ex. hammer/anvil):

Who/did someone, recommend you:

What do you bring to this alliance?:

Why do you want to be in DoA?:

How often are you online?:

Travian experience:


Reading comprehension test:Place "I have read and understand this application" on the top of your app.

Log in as a guest to place your application into this forum, also apps. should be IGM'd to Tazman.

Thank You,

DoA Forum Admin
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Applying To DoA/AF
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